A great and loving family is foundation for all the good things in life!

Family Djurasevic is dedicated, loving and from that love and dedication they are building this small heaven, embraced by the sea on the hillside above Sveti Stefan. They have engraved in every part of the villa their most truthful and sincerest wishes. Your hosts, Family Djurasevic will always welcome you with open arms and smile in the spirit of the true Mediterranean family.


Your host Vaso has a long experience in tourism and he makes sure that our guests have an enjoyable and pleasant stay at Djurasevic & Harmonia apartments. He will always welcome you with a smile and his positive energy transcends on everyone around him. Vaso and his wife Silvana will share their love of this magical place with you and their story of dedicated work in making this place what it is today will surely make you want to visit Montenegro again.


Silvana is always there to support and organize entire work around apartments, so everything is perfect and ready for our guests. She is the woman who makes this house shine, completely dedicated to her work and family. Her skills in preparing delicious meals and pastry will remind you of home and might become a reason to again visit Djurasevic and Harmonia apartments.


Our granny is full of wisdom and she will be happy to share with you her stories full of interesting details about Blizikuce, history of Sveti Stefan and Pastrovici. She spent as well a lot of years working in tourism and meeting a lot of people from all around the world. She has seen this place get changed from a simple village area to the place known to the entire world.


It seems that a smile never leaves his face and that smile will always be something that will radiate whenever he meets our guests. Budo is still studying and he focuses his studies in field of tourism. He is the representative of the new, young generation of this area and he will try to bring closer to you this new spirit and maybe recommend some activities that are more active and suitable for younger people who visit Sveti Stefan.


Mina is a next student of tourism and hospitality and girl with who you will definitely have something to talk about. She is always in a good mood, positive and ready to meet new people and explore new cultures. Together with her family, she will try to make your holiday memorable and full of wonderful experiences.